Roy van den Berg

Intermodal transport specialist

Workshop Business Model Innovation

Today, I facilitated a workshop about business model innovation for the first time. As I am eager to do different things and lear from that experience, this was definitly something that fits in this aim. I organized this workshop for a company active in the dance festival industry in the Netherlands. Although they have acquired a strong position in the area where they are located, they struggle on how to overcome the risks related to the volitile number of visitors. Through the use of the business model canvas we were able to describe their current business model. And after outlining the main customer segments and their needs, we were able to develop some new ideas for their business model. Working with the business modal canvas gave them valuable insights on aspects which could be adjusted in order to service and maintain their customers even better. The participants of the workshop indicated that it was "very inspiring" and that it provided food for thought. This also holds for me. It was amazing to experience that by using the business model canvas you are able to have a good discussion on the core elements of a specific business. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to get an idea of the elements which can be improved. All in all, it was a very inspiring afternoon in Rotterdam which is definitly something I would like to do more often.