Roy van den Berg

Intermodal transport specialist

Frequently invited speaker

The month of June has been quite busy with presentations, and it is not over yet. Although I already have a lot of experience with giving presentations on behalf of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, it always remains a nice challange to give an interesting presentation. This month started with my first lecture ever of three hours at the RSM Erasmus University to be given to 40 supply chain management master students. Upfront, I questioned if I would be able to speak for so long about intermodal hinterland transport. But to my suprise time flew and it was a very intereactive session with many interested students. The next presentation was at one of the most modern container terminals in the world: APMT2 at the Maasvlakte. An international group of MBA students from TIAS were visiting the Port of Rotterdam to see Europe┬┤s largest maritime gateway. Of course this needed to be accompanied with a presentation about the port, which I provided. On the 23rd of June I was invited as an expert on intermodal transport to speak at the yearly conference of the United Nations for logistics service providers in Asia, this year held in Jakarta. Their main interest was to get a better understanding of what synchromodal transport is all about. Although it isn't practised in Asia yet, there was a lot of interest in this topic. The day before I my presentation, I visited the fairly new Cikarang Dry Port in the vicinity of Jakarta and based on what I have seen from this inland terminal I am sure that it will be only a matter of time before synchromodal transport is offered in Indonisia as well. On the first of July I will continue my series of presentations as I will be speaking to the employees of Finance Ideas about the Port of Rotterdam during their company outing in Rotterdam.