Roy van den Berg

Intermodal transport specialist

Start in 2016, focus in 2017

Starting to stand on your own feet is always exciting, whether it is privite or business. My first year as consultant has been a really nice ride. Not only have I been able to apply my intermodal transport knowledge and expertise for multiple customers, I also got the opportunity to share my knowledge through lectures, presentations and a confrence chair at different lo Portfolio Roy van den Berg 2016 cations and settings.*

Slowly it is becoming clear what my core business is. Right now my business card doesn´t show any job description or whatsoever. But I think that the next print of business cards will include: advisory, business & knowledge development. Let's see if that will fit with the things I will be doing in 2017.

* The figure includes most of the organisations I worked with in 2016. On the left side the organisations which I helped with research and advisory, project development, supervision  or supported in other ways. On the right side the organisations for which I gave presentations, lectures, etc.