Roy van den Berg

Intermodal transport specialist


The Outlook City Logistics looks at scenarios to reduce CO2 emissions and vehicle movements for seven different industries. I co-authored the Outlooks dealing with the catering industry , supermarkets and company waste collection .

The Outlook Hinterland and Continental Freight focusses on what needs to be done in the Netherlands to realized the required CO2 reductions as included in the Paris Agreement. I am co-author of the Outlook which has been published by Connekt.

The book (in Dutch) Van Intermodaal naar Synchromodaal Transport which I authored has been published in 2018 by NT Publishers. This book gives an introduction into the concept of synchromodal transport.

The review written for the Provincie Gelderland to support their investment decision in the new rail terminal along the Betuwe route is (2016) publicly available.

The last few years several papers that I have co-authored have been published in scientific journals. These papers concentrate mainly on strategies of port authorities and companies active in intermodal transport. The papers are based on / part of my PhD dissertation Strategies and New Business Models in Intermodal Hinterland Transport (2015).